The Frank Olson Legacy Project


Quote found by Stephen Saracco, Assistant District Attorney, New York:

“One night the Wolf of Jesus understands,—in one of those thoughtlessly fatal Instants,—that Zhang has been fluent in Spanish all the while. Zhang watches him remember, one by one, the many Utterances he has felt free to make, in the Chinaman's hearing. The traditional next Step is simply to have Zhang dropp'd off the Roof during one of the night Drills,—the usual Tragedy. But then the Spaniard may see an opportunity to remove certain memories, and substitute others,—thus controlling the very Stuff of History.”

—Thomas Pynchon
Mason & Dixon, page 530
(Henry Holt and Company, NY, 1997)












Marco:  “Where are you
Raymond? Just tell me
where you are.”

Raymond:  “I’m in a hotel
room, across from the

—“The Manchurian

1962, re-released
1988, directed by
John Frankenheimer

The window in Room 1018A
of the old Statler Hotel—
out of which Frank Olson
allegedly jumped—looks
directly out on Madison Square

See, “Concerning the Case of Dr.
Frank Olson,”

by John Marks, from his book,
The Search for the Manchurian
Candidate: The CIA and Mind








“I know a way," Elliot said. "Throw him out a window and make it look like he committed suicide.”

Raji said, “Elliot” --like, are you stupid or something? --“the windows in the office don't open.”

Elliot said, “I don't mean in the office.”

Raji heard him, but Raji was the boss. Once he said Elliot was wrong or stupid Raji would keep going, have his say.

“Man’s gonna commit suicide. So what he does is run across the room and throw himself through [italics in the original] the window? Breaks the glass? Cuts himself all up?”

Elliot didn't mean that at all. What he had in mind, take the man to a hotel room like in the Roosevelt and pitch him out from the top floor. But Raji was still talking.

“Nicky leave a suicide note? ‘I can't take no more of this shit life is handing me, so I'm gonna throw myself through the fuckin window?’ You did it to the man in Haiwa-ya and you think, year, that's it, that's how to do it. Man, it's the dumbest idea I ever heard of.”

—Elmore Leonard
BE COOL, Dell, 1999, p. 233.
(Thanks to Hank Albarelli for directing my attention to this quote.)


See note on the CIA’s ideas about committing murder in such a way that curiosity is not arroused.