Introductory essays:

Chaos, creation, & collage

Why Make Collage
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A New Collage House
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Immense supplies:
Incarnating the formative process

Points on the collage path:


Get a box


Scan & grasp:
recognize & reach-out

Copy & cut

Make piles

Choose the background

Crawl & configure

Photograph transient configurations

Missing pieces

Place & paste

Collage rapture

Unused pieces

Crawl & speak
(Laminated temporalities:
The making; the telling;
the told)

Remembering the collage
in the dark

Collage dreams

Hang up the collage:
lie down the collage-maker

Scan & speak

Telling time
(Psychological clock)


Point at the absent collage

Left-handed ostension

Bubbling-up &
(substitution & displacement)


Picture the pictures


Make image strings


Double-dissolve and disperse

Single-stranded processes

Double-stranded processes

Four-way processes

Multi-focal bipolar processes
(shifts in a linchpin symbol)


Put the collage in the archive


Return the signs to the universe

Psychoformative gyre


Red + blue stands:
Making & speaking of collages


Red strand:
Making collages

Blue strand:
Speaking of collages


Collage House


Red Room:
Recreating image formation

Yellow Room:
Recreating sign formation


Blue Room:
Recreating concept formation

Varieties of recreative augmentation

(Pschoformation; psychoanalysis; psychohistory)

Reflections, notes, essays, and longer works on the method and theory:

Notes on personal background

Theory and therapy

Chaos, creation, & collage

Immense supplies:
Incarnating the formative process

“Ce n’est pas la colle qui fait le collage.”

The secret of the collage method

Why make collage

Finding the collage method

Dreaming forward

Exchange with an art therapist

Exchange on collage and depression
with digital collage artist Dirk Hine

Collage Journey

The House that Collage Built

Working Drawings for a New Psychology

The Mind’s Collage:
Psychic Composition in Adult Life

(Harvard Ph.D. dissertation, 1976)