A Canon Color Copier serves a variety of functions: copying personal items from collage-makers’ boxes; copying items to be used in the scanning book (making it possible to have a flexible scanning book, or a variety of scanning books); copying pictures of finished collages; serving as a color printer when linked to a computer; and serving as a color scanner to input images (including slides) into the computer where, for example, images can be stored on a laser disk either for scanning on the computer screen or printing as needed.

Every creation springs from an abundance . . . an overflow of energy. Creation is accomplished by a surplus of ontological substance.”

—Mircea Eliade
The Sacred and the Profane,1957

“The physical prototype of this good safe way of incorporating exists in the ‘good’ sucking activity at the breast, which takes without injuring (in fact produces more milk) and uses the good milk inside for growth and to become a good child to the mother. In sucking too the good substance taken in becomes hidden and irrecoverable, yet is known and felt to be indubitably there; growth and well-being testify to its presence.”

—Joan Riviere
“On the Genesis of Psychical Conflict in Earliest Infancy,” 1936

The Collage Method’s combined reliance upon physicality and complex equipment contrasts strikingly with the approach taken by virtually all other non-pharmacological therapeutic techniques. It is important, therefore, to understand the background and conceptual support for this divergence. Historically, the non-material, verbal approach inherent in the psychoanalytic model has appeared inseparable from Freud’s discovery of the depth to which language penetrates in constituting the psyche and in instituting its conflicts. The subsequent structuralist disentangling of language as system from speech as act might have challenged the identification of the constitutive function of language with the clinical employment of speech, especially as regards its implications for therapeutic method. But in fact a pure, dialogic- (and, consequently, labor-intensive and time-extensive) model of the therapeutic process has proved persuasive wherever the globally formative influence of language itself has been appreciated.